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Brew & Ink Podcast begins with
The Bone Yard

Debbie, an African American teen in 1966 Alabama, wants to build and race cars. She discovers an ancient fuel source and invents a way to super charge her car. Along with her brother, Troy, Deb puts up their Impala to race but soon finds out there’s much more at stake than loosing their car.

Find out who our Faithful Listeners chose to investigate and see if they figured out whodunit in this ‘Choose-your-own- adventure’ style murder mystery, The Midnight Showing.

Singularity – Mitch and his trusty AI JINN take on a mission bigger than they can handle. Try to follow the story to the end but watch out for the alternate paths!

Callie and Arthur fight against corruption and the loss of home in the face of industrial expansion. ‘Progress’ is coming to this Dinosaur Western town in HERO is a Four Letter Word!

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