We are a group of writers looking to connect with others.

Together we discuss writing tips, our own writing process (or sometimes lack there of), and learn from industry professionals. But best of all we get to share in a story telling experience with each other and our Faithful Listeners. We’ll also talk about homebrewing, brews we are drinking, and other brewing related interests.
Raise a glass to inspiration!

Brew & Ink is:
Author MB Mooney

MB Mooney was getting in trouble in the 2nd grade when other students had to make up a test and he didn’t. The teacher said to him, “Why don’t you write me a story?” And he’s been addicted to writing stories ever since. Mooney is a fiction and nonfiction author, traditionally published and self published. He lives in Suwanee GA with his amazing wife and three creative kids.


SMFreehand has been writing fiction since he was in the fourth grade (when he was obsessed with Goosebumps and Animorphs), he and a friend started writing a collection of short ‘scary’ stories. He continued honing his writing skills haphazardly until his late 20s, when he realized he had a passion that desired to be cultivated. He began getting involved in writing groups, eventually leading his own, the Brew & Ink Writing group, which later gave birth to the Brew & Ink Podcast.
He has two books from his Sci-Fi series in the works as well two from a Fantasy series.
Current project: Editing… always editing

Katie Compton

Katie is creative through and through. From her art, to her web comic writings, to D&D character creations Katie brings descriptive details and world building to life for her readers.

And YOU – Our Faithful Listeners

Have you ever gotten involved with a story and wanted input on where it should go?
Well, now you can! Listen and vote for what you want to happen next in the story.

Season 7 Story – The Andromeda Voyage



  hours  minutes  seconds


Season 7 – Chapter 4 – Coming Soon

Season 7 Ch4 episode coming soon.

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