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Brew & Ink Podcast – S7 Ep5 – Andromeda Chapter 2 Brew & Ink Podcast

The first peril befalls our crew and the Andromeda, an attack of creatures from the ocean! The Brew & Ink Crew discuss the development of magic systems through fantasy literature and give examples. Then Steven shares chapter 2 of the Andromeda Voyage!! Listen and vote. Go to http://www.brewandink.com to vote! 
  1. Brew & Ink Podcast – S7 Ep5 – Andromeda Chapter 2
  2. Interbrews 44 – John Wick SPOILER FILLED Review with Carla Hoch
  3. Brew & Ink Podcast – S7 Ep4 – Andromeda Voyage Ch1
  4. Interbrews 43 – FRANK PERETTI
  5. Interbrews 42 – Worldbuilding w/ Author/Editor Alyssa Roat!

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